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About Us

The English ministry members "belong" together as believers so that we may together grow and mature in our Faith, Hope and Love, with the abundant blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ and to be a witness for Christ in the local community by...


Building Faith

  • Sermons & Devotions (Interactive and updated regularly)

  • Bible studies 

  • Discipleship classes

  • Prayer ministry

  • Sunday School

  • 2nd Generation service (4pm service)


Giving Hope

  • Food Drive

  • Samaritan Purse

  • Short Term Missions

  • Special children ministry

  • Aged care visits

  • Blood Drive

  • Witnessing and Evangelism

  • Multi cultural and missional (4pm service)


Love in unity and serving one another

  • Fellowship groups

  • MYF

  • Caring ministry

  • Church camps/retreats

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