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Minister In Charge

Rev Dr Albert Wong

Camberwell Methodist Church
English Ministry Pastor: Pastor Michael Lau
English Service: Sundays 11:00am


Who are we?


We are a Methodist Church. That means we belong to a church tradition started by John Wesley in England almost three hundred years ago. Christians who joined with Wesley were so systematic and disciplined with their spiritual life that they were called 'Methodists'. Today, we continue to be identified as the forerunners of the 'Holiness Movement' remaining convinced that true spiritual life must be demonstrated in disciplined and holy living Holiness to a Methodist is THE LOVE OF GOD AND NEIGHBOUR, in conversation and in conduct. Our concern for the well-being of our neighbour constrains usto avoid indulgences such as tobacco and alcohol.


We are a young church here in Australia. Our history began inn 1986 with a small gathering in Kew led by Mr (now Rev. Dr.) James Chang-Hua Ha. Over the years, that small gathering has grown to be a full-fledged church with over 500 members. We have planted other churches and preaching points in Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Canberra and Launceston. We will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2016.


We are an evangelical church. That means we believe that our Great Commission is to spread the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST over all the world. We are therefore a missionary church for we believe we have a special mission not only here in Australia, but also to other parts of the world that awaits for the light of the Gospel.


We are an ecumencial church, for we believe that the church is ONE BODY IN CHRIST and that it is the calling of all churches to seek unity and harmony with one another.

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